Public Procurement in Germany: Simplifying Complex Procurement Procedures for Military and Security Authorities

Public procurement in Germany, particularly in the context of military and security authorities, is known for its complexity. However, NVBR BRAVO* Law is dedicated to streamlining the procurement procedures for these entities. Our goal is to ensure that the German military and security agencies have access to the finest personal equipment available. We provide comprehensive support to manufacturers and sellers of such equipment throughout the entire procurement process, including procurement procedures, contract negotiations, and order fulfillment.

NVBR BRAVO Law - Comprehensive Procurement Process Support

NVBR BRAVO Law is dedicated to providing clients with a comprehensive range of services throughout the procurement process. Our expertise begins with training personnel on the intricacies of German public procurement law, ensuring a solid foundation for success. We also offer invaluable support during the award process, including the evaluation of tender documents, assisting with bidder inquiries and complaints, and facilitating contract negotiations. Our commitment extends even further, as we provide assistance with the implementation of award review procedures. Moreover, NVBR BRAVO Law continues to offer support after the contract has been awarded, particularly in matters concerning product liability and warranty.

*NVBR (nəʊˈvembər) and BRAVO stands for the initials N B (for Nana Baidoo), written in the ICAO alphabet. The ICAO alphabet is a mnemonic alphabet for aviation voice communications, in use since 1 March 1956. It is also the alphabet used by most Western armed forces. It is therefore also known as the NATO alphabet.

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